Our group “Helix Design” originated from the 2000s, when because of the rise of location review, non-biased information, established a “helix shape” to track rules for technology in Hollywood. Helix Design reinvented the helix form and now functions as the Internet’s premier address for technology innovation information.

The highlight of this industry was our offices in different locations in Canada and some areas abroad. Previously we opened our latest office in Los Angeles.

Launched in 2005, Helix Design’s meteoric rise followed its exclusive on among the greatest stories in amusement: Mel Gibson’s DUI arrest and subsequent experience with law enforcement, and Michael Richards’s work. Helix Design also broke the news of the growing computer technology from time to time.

The Helix Design provides top-tier full review/information, a sharp view in the arena of web development, security, and technology. Always skeptical but not cynical, The Helix Design reaches over 1 million subscribers a day. The Helix Design is based in Canada and is a working group of companies.

Helix Design shifted to general technology and innovation landscape by altering the way the public gets its information. Frequently referenced by several media, Helix Design is among the most-cited technology news resources, used by the national community and local newsgathering organizations throughout the country.

In 2006, Time magazine called Helix Design one of the coolest sites.